Hunting elephants

[There were no elephants in Egypt in historic times. Elephant tusks were luxuries generally received as tribute from Nubia or traded from Punt. A large part of the ivory used in Egypt came from hippos.]


The glory of king Aakheperkare (1), the blessed, he has brought these elephant tusks, from his victories [in the southern and northern countries. His majesty hunted x elephants in the land of Naharin (2), being on a horse carriage [after his majesty had set out in order to subdue Upper Retenu (3) on his x-th victorious campaign.
His majesty reached the the land Ny and found there these elephants. Never has anything similar occurred to earlier kings. These elephant tusks which his majesty brought from this land, he gave them to the House of his father Amon, Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands (4), after returning home in strength, in victory and in triumph, after overcoming his enemies.


(1) Thutmose I (Akheperkare) (1527-1515 BCE)

(2) Today’s Syria

(3) Canaan

(4) Upper and Lower Egypt

Author unknown, , Sethe, Urkunden des ägyptischen Altertums, IV 104f

Original language: Egyptian

Time of action: 16 century BCE

Reliability: Common beliefs at the time with good connection to reality

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