the Lapps

Bordering the length of Norway is a vast wasteland, separating it from the pagan peoples. This waste is lived in by Lapps and by the wild animals whose flesh they eat half-raw and whose skins they wear.

They are indeed most skilful hunters, solitary rovers and nomadic. For homes they use huts of hide which they carry about on their shoulders as they move with their wives and children, travelling faster than a bird over snow-fields and mountain slopes by means
of smooth wooden slats attached under their feet (a device they call ondros) and drawn by reindeer. For where they lodge is uncertain since at any given time it is the supply of game which decides their hunting grounds.There is no limit to the number of wild animals there: bears, wolves, lynxes, foxes, sables, otters, badgers and beavers.

Author unknown, Historia Norvegiae

Original language: Latin

Time of action: 13 century CE

Reliability: Heard from trustful direct witnesses

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