Biological, authentic, natural.


Description: White wine
Aging: steel
Alcohol content: 11,5° – 13°

Casèbianco is a wine made from a blend of different white grapes, mainly Malvasia di Candia, Ortrugo, Sauvignon Blanc, Trebbiano and, to a lesser extent, Marsanne and Moscato.


The vinification process involves a mild maceration on the skins (about 40 days), which gives the wine structure and accentuates the fruity aromas. On the palate it is fresh and mineral, with medium persistence in the end.


Description: Pinot Noir from Emilia IGT
Aging: steel / 12 months in oak (tonneaux)
Alcohol content: 12,5° – 13,5°

Riva del Ciliegio is a pure Pinot Noir. The composition of the soil, mainly clayey and calcareous, allows for the production of a dry, sharp and mineral wine, which expresses the most spicy and balsamic part of this vine.



The maceration period can vary from 20 to 40 days depending on the vintage, and it gives structure to a wine that can evolve for more than 20 years in the bottle, giving a different and surprising result every year.


Description: Sparkling red wine
Aging: steel/concrete
Alcohol content: 12° – 13°

Berbèch is the typical sparkling Gutturnio from Piacenza, mainly composed of Barbera and Bonarda, in full respect of tradition.


Its winemaking process begins with a 20-30 day maceration period on the skins, followed by an early bottling, which leaves a sugary residue in the bottle. Thus refermentation takes place in late spring, when temperatures rise. The result is a slightly sparkling, fresh and fruity red wine.


Description: Red wine
Aging: steel/concrete
Alcohol content: 12° – 14°

Calcaròt is the typical red blend of Val Trebbia, our traditional wine, made up of Barbera and Bonarda grapes. Its fresh and rustic character is enhanced by the winemaking process. It is fermented in steel with maceration on the skins for 20-25 days, which enhances its freshness and rusticity.


A convivial, simple and honest wine, designed for the sincere and tasty cuisine of Piacenza.


Description: Rosé sparkling wine
Aging: steel
Alcohol content: 11,5° – 12,5°

Harusame is a rosé sparkling wine obtained from the direct pressing of Pinot Noir grapes.


Following the first fermentation, the must of the following year is added to the dry wine and this triggers a new fermentation in the bottle. The wine is left to age on the lees for at least one or two years, before being disgorged by hand. Fresh flavor and intense aroma of wild berries.